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Price: $ 39.95

This USB purchase if for shipping inside the U.S. only. If you live outside the U.S. please purchase the International version for shipping purposes. Refunds are not given on USB orders.


Poser 12 users now have a new option for installing the seminal 3D modeling software. You must already own Poser 12 to purchase the USB option. 


Previously, users could only download the latest version and bonus 3D assets directly from the Poser website. Now, when a user buys a copy of Poser 12, they can add a physical copy of the software. A Poser-branded USB containing the most recent version of Poser and the additional bonus content will be mailed for $22.95, the cost of shipping and handling.

Not only does the USB drive contain the most recent version of Poser, it also includes more than 8 gigs of premium 3D assets, including Superfly lights by Blackhearted; HiveWire3D's Dawn, Dusk and Baby Luna figures; HiveWire3D's Gorilla for Dusk; and HiveWire3D's Horse, Big Dog and House Cat; and the original toon figure Maisie. In total, there is more than 15 gigs of additional content, which includes legacy content, like older figures, clothing and other assets that were previously included with Poser.

You must own Poser 12 to purchase this product. You are required to enter your Poser 12 serial number to purchase this item. 

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This is a physical product that will be shipped to the mailing address provided on your payment method. Please be sure you use your current physical address so that you will receive your purchase as expected. Orders for USB drives are shipped every two weeks on Friday.