Poser 12 Basics: How to create sketch-style renders

Jul 07, 2021 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

Poser Basics: How to create sketch-style renders

Most Poser users start and stop at the thumbnail presets under the Sketch Render tab in the Render Settings window. An often overlooked feature is the Sketch Designer, which can be a very powerful tool enabling users to create a wide array of natural media type renders and animations. Although it has been around since Poser 4 the majority of users have not experimented enough with it.

So, where should you begin? Renderosity's Kalypso started with the Charcoal-1 Sketch Render Preset, which you can download for free, and La Femme to create this tutorial.

How to use the Sketch-Style Render Setting

First, click on the Sketch Designer to open up a window where all the Parameters that can be adjusted. There are three tabs whose parameters control the appearance of the objects in the scene, the background and the object edges. For now, let's concentrate on the Objects tab.

In order to better understand what all these parameters do and to begin creating your own custom presets, it's a good idea to start with no settings at all.

Notice that everything is set to zero except for the Color Blend and this way nothing has changed in the Preview window.


Begin by increasing the Opacity, Density, Line Length, Min Width, Max Width and Hi Brightness.

Continue adjusting for fine-tuning.

When you have a desired result make sure to save it.



Depending on your preferences when installing Poser, custom presets may be saved in the following location: User/AppData/Roaming/Poser 12 or whatever version you are using. Sometimes it may be necessary to copy this .pzs file into your Runtime/prefs/SketchPresets folder to access it from the Render Settings.

The Result

Our final result was rendered using one infinite light at 120% Intensity.

For a detailed explanation of each of the Sketch Parameters please refer to that section of the Poser Manual.

Watch the video tutorial below about Sketch Style Rendering for more. The tutorial is for Poser 2014, but the instructions are the same.

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