Poser Creator Series: How RPublishing supports vendors & Poser

Aug 18, 2021 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

Poser Creator Series: How RPublishing supports vendors & Poser

RPublishing was formed to offer 3D artists an alternative to traditional brokered sales of their digital creations. Instead of placing their wares for sale in Renderosity's Marketplace, they either sell their digital creations to RPublishing or partner with them to access to project financing and deep marketing resources that allows artists to focus on creating the best possible 3D products, explained Jenn Blake, Renderosity Marketplace manager and RPublishing manager.

"RPublishing is proud to work with some of the best 3D & 2D vendors in our community. These vendors have contributed to the community by creating requested products for projects in selling their works outright," Blake said.

Recently, Blake has used the resources of RPublishing to support development of Poser assets, like the figures La Femme and L'Homme, as well as the recent release of the Anime Girl morph for La Femme.

She has a few other projects in the works that Posers users will be excited about. Until those are released, we wanted to know a little more about RPublishing and Blake's vision for the future.

RPublishing offers products to support Poser. Which are your favorites? 

Blake: Well, I like them all. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here. I love to play with everything. I started with fairies. I guess my favorites are the male characters...and figuring out how to make them look more rugged and realistic. 

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That's interesting. Looking at the Poser gallery on Renderosity, it seems mostly female figures. Is that why you spearheaded the development of L'Homme?

Blake: Yes. I love the male form, and I see mostly female content and images. I would love to see more male content and images. 

Poser is my first love. Even before we acquired Poser, I knew that it needed a new face, if you will. So, I gathered some of Poser's best creators — Blackhearted, Deecey, nerd & Rhiannon — to develop La Femme and L'Homme. 

They all did what they do best: Blackhearted did the modeling and body morphs; Nerd did the rigging; Deecey did the morphs and Rhiannon did the textures. I'm very proud that we were able to create a new couple for Poser.

But La Femme was lonely with a male companion figure. So we went back to some of the same developers for L'Homme.

Now we need more vendors to pick up the male figures and create content for them. I hear a lot that we need more male content. RPublishing will be releasing more content for L'Homme and other male Poser figures in the near future.  

What inspires RPublishing products? Do you assign projects to contributing artists, or do they submit their own ideas?

Blake: I do both. Sometimes there is a specific item I would like to have and send example images to the creators I work with. Sometimes they show me something they are working on and ask if it is something we would broker.

Both ways work well because I can request things that I feel might be needed, but the ideas that inspire the vendors to create are also great.

I would never just make it all requests, because a lot of times the vendors have GREAT ideas, and they work well. Our vendors are artists at heart. They create best when they are inspired.

I've also reached out to those who have criticisms and asked what they would like to see it done better. Then I ask them if they can help make that happen. This has turned into a couple of submissions that have created some great products.

Speaking of vendors, how do you select the vendors you work with?

Blake: I watch the releases that come through the Renderosity Marketplace and reach out to those that I think might be able to make something I need or want.

Other times they reach out to RPublishing first and ask if we would be interested in something they are working on also. It really just depends on the type of content we are looking for. If I see someone who does great characters, I often reach out to them and ask them to do one for RPublishing, or clothing, etc.

Every once in a while, I'll pick a new vendor that could benefit from the exposure and resources of RPublishing to get them on their feet and out in front of the community. 

What is something people would be surprised to know about RPublishing?

Blake: RPublishing was created as a way to HELP our vendors.

We help by doing extra promotion for the work they do for us and to give them opportunities to do buyout products and receive a payment upfront, as well as being partners on content for residual income.

It is truly up to the vendors we work with how they want to work with us.

We are not included in the normal "vendor" perks at Renderosity, like Vendor of the Month or Year or other features that top-selling artists might get. That way, we are not in competition with those that broker on the site.

We were built upon the idea of helping build up vendors or supporting figures that are launched. 

Now of course, we are focused on helping support Poser content and those figures. 

Is there anything else you'd like people to know?

Blake: No one should be apprehensive about reaching out to RPublishing as a brokering partner or if they have an idea for a product they would like to sell. We don't bite.

I would like to see RPublishing working with many more artists, as variety makes it a better renderverse.

If you want to submit a proposal, or have ideas for products, email me at jennblake@rpublishing.com.

Or if there is a certain item you would like to see in the Marketplace, send your ideas as well. We might be able to work with someone who can help us provide that for you.


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That's why we want to take a closer look at some of the creators who leverage the power of Poser to create. Email us at mwillard@renderosity.com if you would like to participate in the Creator Series.

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