La Femme 2 Lite Now Available for Poser Customers

Sep 29, 2023 at 04:04 pm by bwsupport

Customers with a Poser 11, 12 or 13 license will now find the new La Femme 2 Lite figure available for free download inside their Content Library|Purchases|Included Content or on the Poser Download page at  If you're ready to add a new female figure that is life-like and fun to use in your Poser scenes, read on.

La Femme 2 is a new figure created from La Femme, but completely reworked and greatly improved.


-A-pose base allows for more natural shoulder movement and easier creation of realistic clothing to fit her.
-Entirely new shape with realistic proportions offers you a natural look out of the box.
-New facial controls inspired by techniques widely used in modern character animation allows for more natural face expressions with ease.
-Made specially with content creators in mind, for easier and better quality asset creation for the figure.
-Thoroughly tested by the Poser Software beta testing team AND the Renderosity Quality Assurance team, ensuring perfectionistic-level quality.


-Mesh topology follows the greater landmarks of the body, to allow for better muscle detail and highly detailed face morphs without as much need for HD morphing.
-Improved UV mapping makes texture asymmetry possible throughout, allowing creators to make more natural-looking characters and details like heterochromia.
-Designed for subdivision in rendering, while still allowing for HD morphing for special shapes.


-Less JCMs allow for easier conforming clothing creation.
-Different dials to show and hide posing handles - decide if you want to see body posing chips, facial expression chips and/or the new facial control chips.
-Body part names are the same as LaFemme's, with all the detailed posing possibilities intact.


-Skin textures with normal maps for greater detail, all in 4k resolution.
-2k resolution lash and brow transparency map.
-2k resolution eye textures, with normal map detail.


-Physical Surface shaders make the most of Superfly rendering, while still working well in Firefly.
-Poser 13-ready skin, making use of the new improved Subsurface Scattering methods, while automatically compatible with Poser 11 and Poser 12.


-Seven hand poses.
-Nine face expressions.
-Ten body poses and their mirror versions.
-Talk designer definitions.
-Walk designer files - requires Poser 13 or higher.


-LF poses work with LF2 with included Body Dial converter. Some tweaking may be needed because of differences in body proportions.
-Most hairstyles made for LF will fit LF2 with included INJs.
-Most props parented to the head area of LF will work in LF2 with easy adjustments in zTranslation.
-LF skin textures work out of the box in LF2. Eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes work with included material converter (which requires Poser 12 or higher).
-Dynamic clothing for LF will work in LF2 by dialing the included LF shape morph in the first frame of the simulation animation.
-Props are included with the Pro version to help you convert conforming clothing from LF to LF2.

LA FEMME 2 PRO FEATURES (available with purchase of La Femme 2 Pro)

-Two separate sets of skin textures, one in light color and one in dark color, set up in six different skin color materials.
-Five eye colors, each with their own diffuse texture.
-Five eyebrow options and five eyelash options.
-Makeup options work on all skin colors and require Superfly and Poser 12 or higher: ten eyeshadow options and ten lipstick options.
-Three face shapes and three body shapes
-Props to aid with conversion of LF conforming clothing to LF2.
-DEV suit and dress rigs for clothing creation.

On behalf of the entire La Femme 2 (LF2) development listed below, we hope you enjoy using this new figure and when you're ready for the PRO features, we hope you'll browse our store via the link below.  You can save 40% off on La Femme 2 Pro, Facial Morphs, Body Morphs and Basics essential clothing in the store with coupon 2023092740LF2RPUB until 11:59 pm October 2nd.

La Femme 2 Credits:

Body sculpt, retopology, morphs, poses and base rigging by Afrodite-Ohki.
Advanced rigging, dial automation, technical work and DEV rigs by Nerd3d.
UV mapping and initial topology made over original LF1 which was done by Blackhearted.
Textures made by Afrodite-Ohki over original LF1 textures by Rhiannon.
Advanced testing by Nerd3d and ShvrDavid.
Documentation by Kalypso.
Python scripts by Wolfnom.
This project could not have even started without the work and support of Jenn Blake.
A special thank you to the Renderosity QA team and Poser Software beta testers for additional testing and feedback.
And finally to the Poser software development team for the features that make figures possible.

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