Using La Femme 1 Poses With La Femme 2

Nov 10, 2023 at 02:44 am by Staff

Don't put away all those La Femme 1 assets you've already invested in because we'll show you how to use them with La Femme 2!
This short and simple approach explains how easy it is to use poses made for La Femme 1 with La Femme 2.

If you open up La Femme 2 in your scene and apply a pose from a set that was for La Femme 1 this is what you will get.
Don't worry as you won't have to manually adjust all the body parts that do not follow that pose.
In La Femme 2's Body Properties dials you'll find a "Tools" section and the dial "Tool_LaFemmePose".  Just set this to 1.000 and you'll get a very close approximation of the original pose.  
Because La Femme 2's body shape is different from La Femme 1 some minor adjustments will be necessary like moving a hand out of the way or bringing it closer, tilting the head according to your preference, etc.  These adjustments were even required with La Femme 1 if a different body shape than the default was used and shouldn't take more than a few seconds.
 So, go ahead and use all your previous assets and have fun posing!
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