What's planned for Poser 11.3: A better search tool

Jan 15, 2020 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

Poser 11.3

Work on Poser 11.3 is well underway with targeted release date at the end of March.

As we've discussed before, Poser 11.3 won't offer any epic new features. Instead, we want to focus on improvements to the existing systems like Content Library search and more guidance on render settings with wizards and alerts of potential setting problems, along with small bug fixes. (We're saving the big things for Poser 12. Shh, it's a secret.)

One key goal of Poser 11.3 is to improve the local library search experience by using "AND" versus "OR" logic when multiple search terms/words are entered. Already proven with extremely large content collections in alpha builds, the result is more precise search results vs the current method which can be overly broad.

This type of search will be familiar to anyone that uses Google or similar search engines online.

Another goal for 11.3 is automated download and installation of purchased content.

We are working on an in-app download manager for automated download and installation of purchased assets. The idea is to simplify the current purchase/download/install experience for new or casual users.

Poser 11.3 will be a free upgrade for those with a Poser Pro 11 license.

If you still haven't updated to Poser Pro 11.2, you can do so at PoserSoftware.com/downloads.

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