Poser Pro 11.3 will be available March 30

Mar 18, 2020 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

Poser Pro 11.3 release date set

Poser users can expect one of the best updates in recent memory when Poser Pro 11.3 is released on March 30, Bondware CEO Tim Choate said.

"This release reflects our commitment to the continued development of Poser. In addition to specific features and fixes detailed below, this effort included modernizing the entire development and build environment for both Mac and Windows. This sets the stage for the next major release of Poser for which, the work has already begun," Choate said.

Poser Pro 11.3 will offer an improved library search, auto-sync of content purchased from Renderosity, fixes for Mac's Catalina OS but at the top of the list of new features is support for the latest NVIDIA RTX (Turing architecture) GPU cards on Windows.

"This has been a common concern from customers at our support desk, especially those purchasing newer hardware for improved performance with the SuperFly (Cycles-based) render engine," Choate said.

NVIDIA’s RTX 20 Series GPU cards simulate the physical world at high speeds. RTX GPUs are able to render photorealistic objects and environments in real time (with accurate shadows, reflections and refractions) because the Turing architecture uses AI, ray tracing, rasterization, and simulation SDKs.

Adding support for the RTX 20 series to Poser Pro 11.3 will significantly reduce render times and increase render quality.

"On behalf of Bondware and the entire Poser development team, we are excited to get Poser 11.3 into your hands. We hope you will love all the new features and improvements that are included," Choate said.

Poser 11.3 will be a free update for anyone with a license to any version of Poser 11.

Additional key features

• Improved Library Search

Poser 11.3 will improve the local library search experience by changing the logic used when multiple search terms/words are entered. Already proven with extremely large content collections in alpha builds, the result is more precise search results vs the current method which can be overly broad.

• Auto-sync of purchased content

An in-app download manager will be added for automated download and installation of purchased assets from Renderosity.com. The idea is to simplify the current purchase/download/install experience for all users. We have also added a "Purchases" tab to Content Library to easily access this feature.

• Additional features and fixes are: various issues related to Catalina on Mac, added the ability to remove missing runtimes, updates to Windows Component Libraries (Python 2.7.17, latest FBX and Alembic export formats), La Femme updates in preparation for release of separate L'Homme figure, faster loading of default scene load time by using PMD and more

• Hundreds of smaller bug fixes including Ray Trace preview now gets updated pose; Firefly render previews in Material Room display correctly, not washed out; pressing certain key on Mac no longer crashes Queue Manager stand-alone installer is available again, and many, many more.

If you still haven't updated to Poser Pro 11.2, you can do so at PoserSoftware.com/downloads. Or you can upgrade a previous version for $99 here.

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