Poser Creator Series: Creating a VR world in Poser with Tobias Klimmeck

Feb 12, 2020 at 10:04 am by Michelle Willard

VR in Poser

As a fan of science fiction, Poser creator Tobias Klimmeck wanted to create a world of his own in virtual reality.

To create his animation, Klimmeck used VUE Creator Solution and Poser 11 Pro to create his otherworldly VR experience in 360 degrees and 4K resolution.

"The idea of my animation is to present a VR experience as if you are in a foreign world and see and feel it with your own eyes," Klimmeck said.

He said he doesn't set his plans for his creations on paper. Instead, he mulls the idea to get a general concept for the content and structure of the animation. In this case, he decided to create an alien species that was a part plant and part machine.

"Of course I have a topic, in this animation it's life and death as science fiction art. It should also be something to think about," Klimmeck said.

To create his VR animation, Klimmeck's workflow started in ZBrush, went to Poser and ended in Vue.

"The workflow with Vue and Poser is very complex. I always have to pay attention to the stability of Vue, since the amount of data is very large," Klimmeck said.

He created the models, both setting and characters, using ZBrush. Then he imported the scene into Poser, where he animated the models. Those models and settings were then imported into Vue as .PZ3 or .alembic, where the materials were re-created and the video rendered. He added he also did the font animation in Poser.

Finally, he uploaded the animation to YouTube under the screen name Energeia Impuls.

"I love using Poser and Vue. I have been working with Poser since version 6, I find the price and features of Poser good. Everything I render in Vue is animated in Poser," Klimmeck said.

If you want to create your own VR environment in Poser, try this free tutorial on Renderosity.