Poser Pro 11.3 is available for download

Mar 30, 2020 at 12:00 pm by Michelle Willard

Poser Pro 11.3 is available

Poser Pro 11.3 is available for download today, Poser Software announced.

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The update includes an improved library search, auto-sync of content purchased from Renderosity, fixes for Mac's Catalina OS, and a new stand-alone male figure but at the top of the list of new features is support for the latest NVIDIA RTX (Turing architecture) GPU cards on Windows.

Here are some of the highlights from the update, which is free for anyone with a license to any version of Poser 11.

You can find the full release notes below.

The release marks the second update for the seminal software since it was acquired by Bondware in mid-2019.


NVIDIA’s RTX 20 Series GPU cards simulate the physical world at high speeds. RTX GPUs are able to render photorealistic objects and environments in real time (with accurate shadows, reflections and refractions) because the Turing architecture uses AI, ray tracing, rasterization, and simulation SDKs.

"This has been a common concern from customers at our support desk, especially those purchasing newer hardware for improved performance with the SuperFly (Cycles-based) render engine," Choate said, adding the Poser dev team was able to incorporate the RTX drivers into Poser 11.3.

Cycles already supports a range of hardware types, including options for both CPU and GPU rendering. But the RTX GPU will significantly reduce render times and increase render quality.

Improved Library Search

Poser 11.3 will improve the local library search experience by changing the logic used when multiple search terms/words are entered. The local library search will now function more like a how a search engine works in that it will utilize "AND" versus "OR" logic when multiple search terms/words are entered.

The process is a proven strategy when dealing with extremely large content collections like many runtimes. The result is more precise search results versus the current method, which can be overly broad and return results that aren't helpful.

Auto sync of purchased content

We have developed an in-app download process that will automatically download and install purchased content. Users will now have the ability to login to their Renderosity accounts through the Poser Software interface. They can download purchased items and install from within the program. No need to leave Poser to install an item needed for the project they are working on.

This simplifies the current purchase-download-install experience for new or casual users so users. Under the Library tab, you can populate all your Renderosity purchases or just your most recent purchases. Then you simply click install to install it in your runtime. Users will not have to "Install from Zip" unless they want to.

L'Homme stands alone

When L'Homme, the base male figure for Poser, was released, he was included as a morph of the base figure La Femme.

For 11.3, the L'Homme figure for Poser Pro 11 has been completely reworked. L'Homme has been updated to a stand-alone figure. This makes him easier to work with and easier to create content for.

L'Homme still makes a great companion figure for La Femme because both figures share the same base mesh. That means L'Homme and La Femme can share morphs and textures. Both figures share very similar rigging so Poses for one work for the other. They can still share morphs, textures and poses.

The La Femme figure will also be updated to remove dial for L’Homme morph. This change was done in response to the community requests and vendors so that they may now create content for the male figure in a much more streamlined manner to which they are accustomed to making products for Poser.

Scenes created with the original L'Homme morph for La Femme will still function as intended.

The La Femme and L'Homme base figures are included in the 11.3 update for Poser.

Hundreds of Smaller Bug Fixes

Additional features and fixes are: various issues related to Catalina on Mac, added the ability to remove missing runtimes, updates to Windows Component Libraries (Python 2.7.17, latest FBX and Alembic export formats), La Femme updates in preparation for release of stand-alone L'Homme figure, faster loading of default scene load time by using PMD, plus hundreds of bug fixes.

Poser 11.3 will be a free upgrade for those with a Poser Pro 11 license.

If you still haven't updated to Poser Pro 11.2, you can do so at PoserSoftware.com/downloads.

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Full Poser Pro 11.3 Release Notes


• Added Purchases Tab to Content Library to easily download/sync content purchased in store

• Improved Search function in Content Library to return more specific results to query terms

• Added support for NVIDIA RTX (Turing architecture) GPU cards with SuperFly

• Changed to detect Operating System language settings & launch Poser in same language when possible

• Fixed various issues related to Catalina on Mac

• Mac build process updated and modernized to support Catalina and latest XCode tools

• Added the ability to remove missing runtimes. Missing runtimes appear grayed in the remove runtimes menu.

• The content library now gives an icon of what materials are MT5 or MC6.

• Versioning in Properties Details (Win) and Get Info about app (Mac) are now in sync with current build number.

• Windows build process updated and modernized to support latest Visual Studio tools

• Updates to Windows Component Libraries (Python 2.7.17, latest FBX and Alembic export formats)

• La Femme updates in preparation for release of separate L'Homme figure

• La Femme in correct memorized state for consistency with pose sets

• New stand•alone L'Homme figure for improved content creation process

• Faster loading of default scene load time by using PMD

• Mac: EXR files now displays properly at the end, after the render completes. Some very bright pixels no longer turn black.

• Now includes scale data in Expression, hand and Poses saved to the library enabling custom characters and expressions

Main Bug Fixes

• Ray Trace preview now gets updated pose

• Firefly render previews in Material Room display correctly, not washed out.

• Mac: Pressing Fn key only on MBP laptop keyboard no longer crashes. Caps Lock on a Mac keyboard for desktop no longer crashes.

• Import a sound file on Poser Mac OS X Catalina no longer crashes Poser.

• Saving movie file on Catalina no longer crashes Poser

• Mac: FFRender now gets releases after attempting to cancel Render in Background.

• Mac: Docking a Custom Parameter then File>New clears out correctly.

• Mac: Catalina: Custom Parameters Palette allows adding dials again.

• Added Pauline Walk Designer figure so Walk Designer will launch without warnings.

• Queue Manager stand alone installer is available again.

• XMP files for saved figures now branding as Bondware

• The Wind Force gadget no longer appears in Renders

• Adding a circle and polyline measurement without any points no longer crashes.

• Scroll bar remains in Local Search after toggling search from store

• Fixed reversed normals on Alembic exports

• Subdivision values for Preview and Render can be set differently on the body.

• Purchase sync now determines Downloads folders on Windows even if customized

• Render in background, separate render, QM render (FFRenders) now applies Glass_Bsdf node roughness in SuperFly renders.

• Export>ZBrush now writes out a file to a destination location and with the saved file name.

• Windows: Cloth and Hair dynamic simulations remain during an unsaved session.

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