Poser Creator Series: Creating Everyday Items with 2nd_World

Feb 03, 2021 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

Poser Creator Series: Creating Everyday Items with 2nd_World

The one thing that can bring a scene to life more than anything else is everyday items that add detail but don't distract from the composition. These props can be gadgets, weapons, handy-man tools, phones, household items, appliances and so on.

Renderosity vendor Sander Osephius, who creates under the screen name 2nd_World, takes pride in creating 3D models of real-world props with a high level of detail, but a relatively low polygon count and simple textures to keep the file size small.

“I chose this vendor name because I like to develop 3D models that can or do exist in the ‘real world,'” and turn them into realistic models for our 3D world,” he said.

Osephius started creating with Poser about a decade ago after playing "with a trial of a very old Poser version." That soon led to him building his own 3d models props for scenes, which led to him opening a store at Renderosity.

His 3D models include architecture and transportation, but mostly he focuses on realistic props for Poser, like the "Everyday Items" series.

"I started with the Everyday Items series because of their usefulness. When building a 3D scene, adding little objects and details will add to the realism," he explained. "Things like litter on the pavement, a bit of clutter on a table, cooking ware on a kitchen countertop. Each set contains a versatile and high quality collection of items."

The 25-part series features a variety of 3D models of household and personal items, and even some of criminal enterprises, like stacks of cash and drug paraphernalia.

"Most packs contain the items you have and use every day at home and in different rooms," he said. "The Kitchenware set contains pans, knifes and a can opener; the Bathroom pack has items like a toothbrush, shampoo bottle and sponge; The Living Room Clutter set has a TV remote, magazines, cellphone and a mug; and so on."

One of the most popular Everyday Items prop packs is his Street Litter pack, which contains cigarette buds, crushed soda cans, plastic bags and, of course, a banana peel.

"The sets are quite diverse and there's stuff for almost every possible scene," he said.

The series is inspired by things he sees around him (except maybe the criminal items).

"I keep a list of my ideas, which keeps growing by the way. When I start a new project I always gather images from the internet for inspiration and make sure the size of

products are accurate. I try to avoid making an exact replica of a product because I don't like that, but it should look like it's an existing item," he said.

Even though the series is extensive, Osephius said he still wants to add to it.

"Yes, I still have a reasonable list of ideas waiting to be made. I'm about to start a new project now, so who knows," he said.

Find more of 2nd_World's creations in his Renderosity store. Take a look at the Everyday Items series on Renderosity.

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