Poser Creator Series: Populating a digital zoo with HiveWire3d

Feb 10, 2021 at 10:09 am by Michelle Willard

Poser Creator Series: Populating a digital zoo with HiveWire3d

HiveWire3D's digital zoo migrated to Renderosity.com in 2017. Starting with HiveWire3D cats they were soon followed by much more.

They soon followed with HiveWire Horse and accompanying breed products. Laurie Prindle of CWRW provided some of her additive products, like new horse variations, dog morphs and cat presets.

Compatible with Poser, the animals are as anatomically correct as possible.

"We work tirelessly to assure that our animals look correct, and have the visible surface anatomy to be convincing," HiveWire President Christopher Creek said. Creek owns and operates HiveWire3D with his business partner Lisa Buckalew.

They model in the surface skeleton, muscles and even tendons for a believable and realistic base model.

"We also do our best to make sure the topology or mesh layout of each animal is efficient, clean, flows well, and is created with a myriad of morphing capabilities in mind. Our meshes are made to support many shapes," Creek said.

"Our animals also have added expressions, and head and body shaping options to create believable and creative morph combinations."

The attention to detail extends to the rigging, which allows for a convincing range of motion for posing each animal.

"With smart weight mapping, combined limits, range of motion, and joint controlled morphs, a very realistic bending of body joints can be achieved," Creek said.

HiveWire creates each animal to be the best it can be and more, he said.

"For example, our Horse base is also used as the same mesh for our Mule Deer family, Cow, Spanish Bull, Big Horn Sheep, and even a Warthog. And our Big Cat mesh is used for all our planned Big Cats, our House Cats, Dog meshes, and even our Dragon. So yes, even textures can be shared across animals that share the same base," Creek said.

Creek enjoys the challenge of modeling animals and pushing the boundaries with morphs and expressions.

"I love to push points around, push the mesh as far as I can, and create extreme and unique shapes and character morphs," he said.

That's how HiveWire's male figure Dusk morphs into Gorilla with a few turns of a dial.

If you're looking to create a runtime zoo, HiveWire3D on Renderosity.com is the first place to start.

Watch for more news about future HiveWire3D products coming to Renderosity.com. 

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