Poser Creator Series: Visit the Jurassic Age with Dinoraul

Apr 21, 2021 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

Poser Creator Series: Visit the Jurassic Age with Dinoraul

Dinoraul, as his screen name applies, specialized in creating dinosaurs, monsters and anything prehistoric. His work is well-crafted and often quite frightening. Known as Raul Lunia, Dinoraul he died earlier this year, but he left an extensive gallery and store, compiled over the nearly 20 years he spent as a member of the Renderosity community.

Lunia joined Renderosity in 2001 and his following grew to more than 600 because of his dynamic and well-crafted work. Lunia's love of dinosaurs and anything related to prehistoric creatures and environments can be found in his gallery. It is filled with hundreds of exciting scenes with dinosaurs and fantasy creatures that he loved to create. He also dabbled a bit in horror and the Gothic using VUE and Poser to create moody and ominous settings, but most of his gallery and store are a veritable Jurassic Park with more than 350 3D models and props created primarily with Poser.

His brother Anneli Lunia said Dinoraul had a love of animals from a young age. Growing up in Estonia, he would often refuse to meet with family or friends, unless there was also an animal to meet.

"As a schoolboy, he picked up sick animals and birds from the yard, treated them and then let them into the wild, it was a bit like Gerald Durell. He was very gentle and cute with animals ... He always preferred them to people," his brother Anneli Lunia told Renderosity's Ricky Grove in an interview after Lunia's death.

Above all else, Lunia loved dinosaurs. Estonia's own saurus artist, he began drawing them when he was only 4 years old. When he grew up, started making them. 

"In addition to drawing and animation work, which he did a lot at home, he also made dinosaurs," Anneli Lunia said, adding Dinoraul's home was full of dinosaurs.

To get better at modeling dinosaurs, both real and digital, he made of wire bones and muscles from newspaper. He even made molds for the skin. The end result was latex leather that had to be dyed. During the molding of the raw latex models, the whole apartment was full of the smell of ammonia, his brother said. 

"In 1985, one model was made at first, (then) I made another ..." Dinoraul said in an interview with Renderosity Magazine. Eventually his collection got so big he couldn't house it all. "Some people are just like that for some reason they collect some things, they don't even know why. There's gambling."

When his dinosaur collection could no longer fit in his home, he donated all of them to the Estonian Museum of Natural History. Several exhibitions are still held. The dinosaur collection has around 120 species, included one human-sized model.

After donating his collection, he transitioned to 3D models of dinosaurs, building on his years of experience as an animator. He said he found it easier to draw pictures because there is no need to redo the entire piece if something goes wrong. To keep his level of realism high, he always kept close a camera to take pictures of frogs and worms and lizards to see what kind of skin they had.

To model his dinosaurs, he would take several days to settle on which one to model, then he would extensively research the lizard before manually sketching side views of a dinosaur on his small drawing board to analyze the muscles. And only would he start modeling a dinosaur using Poser. There, Raul begins to construct the animal from the eye or nose.

"The eye is the most expressive part of man, the animal too," he said.

Then he would model one side of the head and then the body.

"Of course, the animal will be built in a mirror image, there is no point in making the two sides separate," he explained.

Dinoraul said "a new saurus is born on my computer every week." While his Jurassic Park is no longer growing, its still exists on Renderosity. Visit Dinoraul's store HERE

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