Poser 12.0.757 Released

Nov 30, 2021 at 03:38 pm by Michelle Willard

Time savers for content creators, usability improvements and documentation updates dominate the last release of Poser for 2021.

Release Summary

  • Manual updated to include latest features. PDF version available on PoserSoftware.com
  • Pydoc browsing of PoserPython object and function documentation for Python developers. See manual for instructions.
  • Added crease angle setting to General Preferences|Document palette to improve unimesh figures created by FBX.
  • Added expand/collapse all icons to Content Library tree view
  • Content Library search/locate feature now jumps to selected item
  • Improved expand/collapse behavior for nodes in Hierarchy Editor and similar tree-based dialogs
  • Added ALT-Click behavior in Hierarchy Editor to expand/collapse from selected figures and their children
  • Toggling visibility of body part or dialing joint parameters no longer collapse the entire figure in Hierarchy Editor
  • Improved behavior when deleting figures with attached conformed items in Hierarchy Editor
  • Shift key modifier added to the +/- shortcut keystrokes so the Grouping Tool Grow and Shrink accelerators work correctly
  • Added “Delete All” option and other improvements to Recent Renders palette


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