Poser Update: Poser 12.0.703 improves usability and Material Room performance

Oct 13, 2021 at 08:49 am by Michelle Willard

Poser has released version 12.0.703, an incremental update that enhances usability with improvements to the UI, download and install of purchased content, Material Room and Python API.


GUI performance optimizations were made to the Hierarchy Editor and palette scrolling/redrawing, especially on Windows. Also added a "+" and "-" buttons to Hierarchy Editor to collapse and expand the hierarchy nodes.

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More usability improvements in this update are found with the Downloaded product files. Now they are saved into user's "Downloads/Poser Downloads" folder until installed. Unknown product files remain in this folder for manual processing. Better reporting added for downloads in progress and pause/resume now works even across Poser usage sessions. Purchases tab now remembers last store selected.

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Several updates in Poser 12.0.703 may not be as noticeable, but nevertheless improve performance.

For example, several issues with the Material Room are fixed in this release, including a serious performance issue where loading certain materials could result in Poser starting a background thread that would consume CPU resources as long as the Material Room was active. Other work included fix for a crash bug that could occur when picking a material in certain situations.

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Also, significant work was done to the Poser Python API with many new functions and fixes to existing functions as requested by Python developers. This includes better help support in the Python Shell and support for an interactive pydoc browser that provides developers increased transparency to available functions, codes and usage examples.

We also added a "Dark mode" to the Python 3 Shell and Python Output window.

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The intent is to support a robust ecosystem for third-party developers that can build both free and licensed apps that integrate closely with Poser. We are pleased to report that several amazing Python apps are now available, with many more to come.

Numerous lesser bugs were fixed in Poser 12.0.703. A full listing is available in the release notes.

Poser Planning

Continuing investment in the future of Poser involves a further strengthening of the development team with the return of Stefan Warner. In next week's blog, you'll learn about Warner's 20-year history with Poser and Cycles, as well as what he will work on in the near future.

Technology update initiatives currently underway include:

• Robust support for Unimesh with FBX interopability with other 3D applications.
• Latest Cyles updates and support for Cycles X Viewport.
• Mac support for latest graphics SDK, Metal, etc. 

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