Poser 11.2 now in the hands of Early Adopters

Sep 04, 2019 at 11:29 am by bwsupport

The Poser Pro 11.2 Early Adopter Program kicked off today at 1 PM CT for 214 Poser enthusiasts.

The purpose of the program is to expand usage beyond our beta testing group in preparation for the full release on Sept 16th.

This release of Poser will embrace the mantra of "Release early, release often" as our strategy to rapidly improve the software.  The Early Adopters will see this process first-hand and encouraged to check the download page periodically for new updates.

Release 11.2 New Features

  • Bridge features (new license management system, 21 day free trial, notifications)
  • Content Library improvements (UI, remote product search, folder sorting, etc)
  • Figure|Zero Rotations menu item

Criteria for 'Early Adopters'

  • Had a Poser 11 license prior to June 1, 2019, and can provide their license key. 
  • Can download individual installers from PoserSoftware.com instead of the Smith Micro Download Manager. 
  • Are comfortable that the Fusion products will not be included. 
  • Are willing to download improved versions of the software over time in exchange for early access to the new features and fixes.
  • Understand that this is primarily a code release and updated content packs will be released as they become available between now and Sept 16th.

If you are approved and download the update early, the new La Femme Lite figure pack will be not available for download until Sept. 16. You will have to download the pack after then. 


All the reasons why our Early Adopters use Poser

On our application form, we asked applicants why they use Poser.  There was the usual 'hobby', 'graphic visualization', 'drawing/painting support tool' but there were a few others that stood out to us.


"Don't have the hand-to-eye co-ordination to do traditional art anymore. Poser alowes me to continue with my art, I have tried DAZ, but its not flexible enough for me."


"Creating diigital artwork for my own enjoyment. I couldn't draw if you held a gun to my head but Poser lets me be an artist!"


"I use Poser to render illustrations for books and comicbook/graphic novel illustrations, and for character creation for use in iClone7 and Unreal.."


"I create b&w comic art using the live Comic Book Preview."


"It keeps me sane."


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