Poser Pro 11.2 update released

Sep 19, 2019 at 10:03 am by Michelle Willard

Poser Pro 11.2 update

The Poser Pro 11.2 update was released Thursday morning, Sept. 19 for some versions above Poser 10, Bondware announced.

Poser Pro 11.2 is a "bridge" release, which means it does not contain epic new features, but rather bridges differences between the old Smith Micro version and the new Bondware version of Poser.

The main reason for the update is the depreciation of Smith Micro's licensing system and implementation of Bondware's licensing management for some versions above Poser 10 (Poser 2014 Game Dev, Poser 11, and Poser Pro 11). If you have Poser 2014 Game Dev, Poser 11, and Poser Pro 11, this update will convert your Poser to Poser Pro 11.2 at no additional cost.

If you have Poser 10 or below you are not required to update, but you can upgrade for $99. Upgrades can be found at PoserSoftware.com/store.

Main Changes

• Streamlined menus (We removed broken links and added links to the official forums, support, and the Renderosity community.)

• Rebranded from Smith Micro to Bondware

• New licensing management

• New Help PDFs

• Streamlined internal and external content search (Now you can easily search Renderosity for new content from within the program.)

• Refactored minimum basic runtime to improve performance (We reduced folder depth and removed redundant files.)

• 21-day free trial feature added

• Restored HDRI rendering option for Firefly

• Control props for Figure grouped under Props listing

• La Femme is the new default figure

• 8+ gigs of new content, including Superfly lights by Blackhearted; HiveWire3D's Dawn, Dusk and Baby Luna figures; HiveWire3D's Gorilla for Dusk; and HiveWire3D's Horse; and the original toon figure Maisie

• In total, there is more than 15 gigs of additional content, which includes legacy content, like older figures, clothing and other assets that were previously included with Poser.

Bug fixes

• With importing some Python scripts

• Removed broken height and gen menus

• Streamlined the installer

• Removed license/registration requirement on Queue Manager (for network rendering on other computers)

• Fixed issues with figures with animated origins affecting toon characters. 

How to download the update

The 11.2 update can be found at PoserSoftware.com/downloads.

Download either the Mac or Windows version and update. You will need your serial number to complete the update process.

And don't forget to download your new assets by clicking on "Download Additional Content Files (License required)." This will also require entering your serial number.


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