HiveWire’s Dawn, Dusk and Baby Luna are now included in Poser Pro 11

Sep 11, 2019 at 02:01 pm by Michelle Willard

HiveWire3D Dawn, Dusk and Baby Luna

A new partnership between Poser Software and HiveWire3D will add even more high-quality content to Poser's runtime.

Dawn, Dusk and Baby Luna will be joining the stable of Poser figures included in the seminal software, Poser Software announced Wednesday, Sept. 11. HiveWire's gorilla and horse will also be included in the out-of-the-box content, plus additional content will be added in the near future so you can get the most out of your renders.

"We're super excited to have this opportunity to refresh Poser with an updated variety of figures and content that work great with the current version of Poser," said Tommy Lemon, Renderosity vice president. "Hivewire3D has a long history with Poser. And by including this great set of figures from Hivewire3D, we believe it will have a huge impact on the Poser community in terms of increased software adoption and content sales, and we look forward to resetting expectations within the Poser community to include great content right 'out of the box!'"

HiveWire's Lisa Buckalew said the new agreement reinforces HiveWire's five guiding principles, called "The 5 Cs: Create, Commit, Communicate, Collaborate and Care."

"Our collaboration is an example of how our commitment, combined with clear and open communication, has created a new opportunity for everyone involved," she said.

Currently, Poser figures included with purchase are Alyson, Ben, Ben2, James, Jessi, Kate, Kate2, La Femme, Paul, Paul2 Pauline, Pauline2, Rex, Roxie, Ryan, SimonG2 and SydneyG2.

The new HiveWire additions will be included in the Poser Pro 11.2 update, which is set for Thursday, Sept. 19. Due to this collaboration and an evaluation to customer experience, the release date was pushed back a few days, so we can put the finishing touches on the update.

Dawn, Dusk and Baby Luna

Dawn, Dusk and Baby Luna are wholly original figures that contain many great features, such as excellent bending and posing. For example, Dawn can touch her chin to her sternum, cross her fingers, cross her legs convincingly, and even put her hands behind her head without having to bend her head forward. Her toes can be posed individually, and her jaw is fully rigged, which allows it to open more naturally, move side-to-side and forward-and-back.

Dusk and Baby Luna are hand-crafted figures that have the same superior rigging for ultimate natural bending and posing that Dawn possesses, just in a male form and miniature form.

HiveWire's Stable

HiveWire's Horse and Gorilla will also be included content in Poser Pro 11.

Strong, graceful, determined, fierce and regal, its natural companionship with man in both work and art wins the 3D horse a special seat in history. Through an amazing amount of attention to detail in every aspect of its creation, the HiveWire Horse honors the true essence of our free-spirited equine companions.

Joining HW Horse is the Dusk morph that creates Gorilla.

Highly intelligent and strong, but generally docile, peaceful, and very social, Gorillas share over 98% of their genetic code with humans, so what better than a Gorilla based on a human? Now, you can have a Gorilla based on Dusk with a click or a twist of a dial.

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