Poser 12 Update: New features include new render engine, Material Room overhaul and more

Sep 09, 2020 at 02:15 pm by Michelle Willard

Poser 12: Better. Faster. Stronger.

Poser 12.0 represents the next step in the revitalization of the Poser software brand.

"The guiding philosophy for this release has been to update core technologies, add features to strengthen the primary use cases and remove redundant, obsolete or obscure features," said Tim Choate, president of Bondware Inc., Poser's parent company.

Poser 12.0 will update several core technologies that have evolved significantly over the five years since the last major Poser release. This includes the Cycles (Superfly) render engine and the Python embedded scripting language.

New features will include:
- Post Render Effects to speed or embellish renders for single frame or animation renders
- Integrated Download Manager for Included Content
- Improved Download Manager for Purchased Content
- FBX import/export improvements as this becomes primary method of exchanging content with other programs/tools
- Material Room overhaul with material assignment power tools
- Unimesh support features sprinkled throughout the code base
- Refactored Poser Reference Manual using RoboHelp to simplify localization and render to multiple formats (HTML, PDF, etc)

Deprecated features will include:
- Face Room (better third-party tools exist)
- Path Palette (ill-conceived)
- Kinect support (unsupported)
- Flash support (obsolete)

The new version will remove "Pro" from the title and be simply named Poser 12. 

Most of the new features are now complete and in beta testing. The core technology upgrades are broad and still in progress. Our current goal is to freeze code later this month with public release in late October.

More detailed information about Poser 12 will be revealed as the release date approaches.

There is a strong likelihood of a 12.1 release in Q1 of '21 with more unimesh support and new content options.

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