How Poser 12 is being developed

Nov 04, 2020 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

Poser 12

Poser customers may have noticed a difference in how we have managed the development and release of Poser 12. We have moved from traditional software development methodology to an agile development methodology.

What does this mean for the future of Poser? When compared to traditional development, agile boils down to better tools, more collaboration and a release-early and release-often approach.

"Just like with early access to video games, Early Access customers will receive upgrade notifications, possibly weekly, until features are finalized for the release of Mac version in early December," said Tim Choate, President and CEO of Bondware Inc, the owner of Poser. "Poser users will get more updates with the Early Access version, but the result will be better software over time."

In the past, Poser used a traditional software development model that is sequential and systematic. Tasks are completed in a particular order, much like an assembly line. One step can't be started until the last step is completed. It's a step-by-step process with a rigid structure. This systematic approach has long timelines that don't respond well to the pace of technology development. It also bakes in features that users might not want or need based on technology advancements.

Instead, we have chosen to use an agile software development model.

"Aspects of this can be seen in our recent Early Access launch that puts software in your hands earlier for feedback and refinement,” Choate said.

Agile development became popular after the "Agile Manifesto" was published in the early 2000s, which advocated collaboration and responding to change quickly. This lightweight software development method improves the responsiveness of software professionals, teams and organizations, as well as making it possible to develop software according to customer needs.

These goals are accomplished because agile development is iterative, incremental and adaptive with a focus on producing a quality product. It means software can be developed faster with a better result.

Agile development works better with Poser because, although it includes many of the original Poser team members, the development team for Poser 12 is much smaller than past teams with most members working remotely. The tool sets used by the team have been upgraded with agile-friendly technologies such as: the Git version control system, GitLab development collaboration system, Slack and video conferencing tools.

"We want to give you the best product possible, and we will use these tools to develop the best version of Poser yet," Choate said.

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