What's new in Poser 12: 3 things to know about automatic installation of content

Nov 18, 2020 at 10:00 am by Michelle Willard

What's new in Poser 12: 3 things to know about automatic installation of content

Poser 12's library system now includes automatic installation of included and purchased content. This means you can easily install the bonus content that is included when you purchase a Poser 12 license as well as content purchased from the Renderosity Marketplace.

But that doesn't mean you can't organize your content the way you like or install from ZIP.

How Automatic Installation Works

The Automatic Installer does what it says: It automatically installs included and purchased content into your Poser library. This makes installing content more simple and easier than ever before.

Here's how you do it.

Go into Poser Library and select "Purchases." This shows all your purchased content. Select "Included" or "Renderosity." When you select "Renderosity" the first time, you will be required to log into your account.

The installer will either download all files at once (Be careful if you have a large amount of files. It could timeout.) or one file at a time. To download one at a time, deselect all the files and select them singly.


If there is a templates ZIP in the product, it will give an error messages. That is because Templates are an image file and not a Poser file. It did install the content. The template isn't needed for the content to work.

Included content is placed in the Included folder and purchased content will be installed in the "Purchased" folder.

Now you can organize your runtime. You can move the automatically installed content through Windows explorer (or Finder on Macs).

How To Install The Way You Did Before

Poser 12 users can still install everything manually as they did before. The automatic install places content in a set folder, but users can still install all their content in whatever runtime they choose by downloading and installing the ZIP file.

This means you can install included content from Poser and other accounts through File>Install from ZIP. This will ask you where the content should be installed, you select the folder where you want it to go and it will install it to the selected folder.

How To Install Existing Runtimes

You can still add existing runtimes like you always have. Adding existing runtimes from local or external drives is simple.

Just start by clicking the icon that looks like a stack of books next to a plus sign. Go to the folder you want to add and click OK. This adds the runtime to your Poser library.

To remove a runtime, click the icon with a minus sign. Go to the folder you want to add and click OK.

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Next Poser Release

The Poser Dev Team is planning the next public release on Wednesday, Nov. 25 so U.S. customers can enjoy it over the holiday weekend. Watch this blog and subscribe to our newsletter for more details.

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