How to put Poser under your Christmas tree

Nov 25, 2020 at 12:00 pm by Michelle Willard

How to put Poser under your Christmas tree

You're never too old to make a Christmas list. It's actually the easiest way to answer that dreaded question: "What do you want for Christmas?"

This year, we at Poser have made answering that question easier for digital artists young and old.

To buy or upgrade to Poser 12, is a simple process.

First, visit

Second, choose between the full version or the upgrade from Poser 11. Should you wish to buy an upgrade from Poser 11, you'll need to input a license key to verify if you are eligible.

Then you'll be prompted to put it a name and email address. If you are buying for yourself, put in your information. But if you are buying for the digital artist in your life, put in their name and email.

Finally, a confirmation email with a license key and link to download the latest version will be sent immediately as payment is completed. 

Whether you're buying for yourself or responding to family member questions about gift preferences, it's never been easier to put the latest version of Poser under the tree.

Get a more in-depth explanation of Poser 12's new and returning features as well as system requirements here.

Poser 12.0.306 Update is now available

The Poser 12.0.306 was released Wednesday morning, Nov. 25 and mostly includes incremental improvements to rendering. Download it HERE.

Improvements to the SuperFly render engine are:

• SuperFly render settings option to Apply Post effects to Render now has an Open PostFX button that allows you to set the adjustments before rendering,

• SuperFly render settings now allow user to select multiple GPUs for hardware render,

• Local and remote queue rendering now allows GPU for SuperFly renders,

• Setting the camera shutter open/close values gives improved results for SuperFly 3D motion blur, and

• Cycles Mix Blend option nodes improved consistency between Poser 11 & 12.

The main bug fixes are:

• Rendering with Separate Process On and with Render in Background no longer causes crash,

• Edit menu Copy Picture no longer produces a dark image when pasting into an image editor,

• Fixed issue with extra render files left behind even when PostFX or Auxiliary Layers not specified,

• File locator dialog now launches when opening scenes that have missing image maps or environment textures and a warning also prompts when textures exceed 4096 pixels,

• The new SuperFly auxiliary layer options are no longer linked to the FireFly auxiliary layer options,

• Windows installer backup preferences option updated for clarity, now reads "Backup and replace preference files," and

• Blinn, EZ Blinn node hooked up to the Poser Surface root again renders correctly in SuperFly.

We are investigating sporadic reports of content-related render crashes and a PoserPython scripting issue with equality operator on objects.