Poser 12.0.1029 for Windows Released

Aug 22, 2022 at 01:44 pm by Staff

This is the final public release for Poser 12 and will be a Windows-only release.

We had hoped to release a Mac version at the same time running on Apple's Metal graphics framework but the combination of upgrading wxPython, wxWidgets and switching to the Metal framework proved to problematic and it became clear that the Mac version would not be stable soon enough to be included in this release.

That said, there are several exciting new features in this release that we think you will like.

Material Layers Support for SuperFly

New material layers lay the foundation for mix and match makeup or tattoos for your characters with easy switching for a different look. New file types .mlc and .mlz have been added to support add-on layers.  We expect this will grow into an entirely new content category for creators over time.


Lights, Cameras ...

Improving the UX for adding and managing lights in a scene has been a priority for this release.  Additional guided prompts when adding lights, positioning lights closer to the origin for easy manipulation and setting reasonable defaults brings the user closer to the experience of sitting in a director's chair.


Python API Improvement

The dev team continues to expose more functionality via the Poser Python API over time.  This supports the development of the sophisticated Python script products that are starting to appear in the PoserSoftware.com and Renderosity.com marketplaces from creators such as:  Ken1171_Designs,  jroulin,  wolfnom, and  Afrodite-Ohki.  See release notes for developer level details.


UI Improvements

Improving the usability of Poser is an ongoing project  for the dev team.  This release includes many improvements in the ability to move several additional dialogs, windows and palettes by dragging from the top/title bar.

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